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ABS Corporate Yoga :

Yoga to Improve Productivity & Health of Companies !

'Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Course & Ghatastha yoga class by Sunil Dahiya

For 'Growing Companies' who wish to increase the rate of their growth and keep continuously expending & to be ahead in competitive world by improving individual capacities and qualities of their employee, creating harmonious, co-operating and stress free environment in the corporate company.

After a seminar representation & evaluation * , A 'corporate yoga teacher' visits the company's office on regular basis to teach the tailored yoga training, best suitable for company's growth based on nature of work of the company.

In corporate yoga we pay special attention on bio-logical stress, psychological stress, muscular stress, bio-chemical stress, techno-stress, Level of cooperation, level of tolerance, creativity, I.Q. and local problems which are required to be solved for faster growth of 'Company's Output'.

It fulfills the target oriented demands of the company. It improves the skills of employee & tackles their problems related to their responsibility in company.

For futher details fix an appointment with our executive.

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Corporate Yoga Programs designed by Sunil Dahiya for Abs Yoga International and Indian Yoga Academy. Find out more about Corporate Yoga including :